Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Todd's Birthday Party!

Todd was so excited to have his birthday party at MoMo and Paw Paw's house.  Pool parties are the best!  It was still amazing to see how many people came.  Hence, pool parties are the best.  Todd received so many wonderful gifts and loved all of them.  There weren't that many great pictures because everyone was having such a great time.  Thanks again to MoMo and Paw Paw for letting a bunch of wild kids run through your pool!

Nice head injury.
Nice girl's body suit.

Guy Area ~ grill

Todd is trying to play it cool here.  Logan J. is the coolest kid in his class.

Happy smiling bunch.
Except for Hunter who was having some teenage drama. 

Crazy bunch of kids

The cake. 
MoMo called and asked if I needed her to pick up a cake. 
Home made cakes made by me are really underated.
Sam's Club cake was great!

A truly happy and content 8 year old.
Thanks everyone for blessing his life with your friendships.

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