Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reagan's "Spring" recital

Before Reagan had to be at the dance recital, Paw Paw had a 60th birthday party.  We had to be there by 11 and left around 2.  We arrive at rehearsal tired and sunburned.  Rehearsal takes an hour and a half to run through.  Now at 6:00p.m., she is ready to perform.  I am glad I got a few pictures before the show started because the after shots were mainly of Reagan looking tired and teary eyed.  The girls did a great job and with her age group, it can be quite comedic.  Another girl accidentally took Reagan's umbrella during the routine and the whole crowd knew.  The best part of the night for Reagan was receiving a medal.  She was so excited to have one like Todd.  We love you Reagan and think you make a beautiful dancer!

Tap routine to "Singing in the Rain"

Posing before the show started.

I think that umbrella was her favorite accessory.

Momo and Paw Paw.
Teary eyed Reagan holding her coveted medal.

The group shot. 
In our defense, there were two cameras.
Reagan looked super happy to take pictures with us.

Aunt Michelle brought Reagan balloons and flowers which Reagan loved.
Giving her bunny ears made Reagan smile.

The coveted medal.

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