Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break fun

My kids had a fun filled spring break. We had the Baumann cousins, Hunter and Ryan and the Kirchner cousins over. There were 12 kids at my house! Adam took half of them out to a hunting lease to walk around and check it out. He was proud of Rachel for keeping up right along side him the whole time. She was wearing flip flops. She's tough! I took the other half to Castle park. The weather was just perfect. The kids loved jumping on the trampoline after dark and just being outside. I don't think I heard the words "I'm bored", once. I am so grateful for these precious times in my life. Melissa kept my kids for two nights. She took them to see, The Lorax. She said Layton sat through the whole movie. She claims she didn't drug him. :) Maybe, the pizza helped. 

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