Saturday, March 24, 2012

Head Injury ~ A trip to the ER

Todd had his first baseball game of the season on Saturday.  Reagan and Layton were playing climbing on the bleachers going from one to the other.  I told them to quit before someone falls and gets hurt.  Too bad they didn't listen.  Seconds later, Reagan falls and hits her head.  I am comforting and griping at her all in the same sentence when Layton falls and face plants it.  Some man scoops him up and hands him to me.  I have to put Reagan to the side because Layton's nose is gushing.  I have to take off his shirt and hold it on his nose.  He has blood everywhere.  I have to wash him and me up in the bathroom. When we come out of the bathroom Adam walks over wondering what is going on and asking why Layton doesn't have his shirt on.  I go through what happened and Reagan starts complaining about her head hurting again.  I ask her where it hurts and I see the blood.  After carefully moving through her hair I see the cut in her head and decide that we are going to the ER. She was very brave and hardly complained until we got home and the Lidocaine had worn off. 

They applied the good numbing medicine and we waited.

After she received three staples and a Popsicle.

Even Layton got one.  Lucky!

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