Saturday, February 4, 2012

Layton went missing!

The other night I realized Layton was too quiet.  I went to my room looking for him.  He wasn't there.  I checked in the back and front yard.  Todd was panicking.  I was about to.  I had a flood of thoughts but decided to go again to my room.  I looked at the bed. 

Then, I took another look.

He had fallen asleep with a pillow over his face.


Sharla said...

That is crazy when they do that - scary for the mommy, yet so funny when you find them ;). Glad he was safe and sound!

Harith Harry said...

hide from cute

MammaMelgar said...

Hey, I have that same bedding :0)Sarah did that once when she was 3. She got in bed with Brendan on the top bunk and he curled up around her. When I went to go wake her up for meds durring the night I couldn't fing her. I looked everywhere, even in Brendans bed but she was so tiny i didnt see her between him and the wall. Finally when I was completely freaked out and screaming for oscar to find her because I had lost her Brendan sat up and said what's wrong with you, she's been in my bed all night.