Saturday, May 7, 2011

Reagan's First Dance Recital.

Reagan had her first dance recital at May Fest.  It was HOT and crowded.  We were supposed to be there by 1:30 we arrived shortly after 2:00.  Luckily, everyone was late due to the insane traffic.  Grandpa and Paw Paw both came to celebrate the occasion.  She is a lucky girl!  As soon as we walked up to the stage area Reagan said she wanted to go home and hid behind me.  She refused to perform.  I asked if she wanted to go or stay and watch her friends dance.  She decided to stay and watch her friends dance.  While she was watching her class dance she would move her body to the music.  I hope someday her nerves won't get the best of her and she will be able to show everyone her love of dance. 

Posing before we leave.
Paw Paw took this picture of Reagan and I watching her class dance. 

Reagan and Kelsey after the performance.  They are just too cute!

Walking back to the car with Grandpa.

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