Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Todd!

Todd turned seven years old today!  His alarm was his Aunt Michelle and cousins Ashley and Rylee singing, "Happy Birthday".  He was so excited.  Before he walked out of his bedroom his other Aunt Michelle gave him his birthday present, a hydro cannon Nerf water gun.  He fell to the floor pretending to faint.  A couple minutes after that daddy called to tell him,  "Happy Birthday".  We left the house early so he could get donuts for breakfast.  I checked him out of school for lunch.  He thought we were headed to Six Flags.  We went to Chilis and enjoyed a nice lunch together instead.  They staff sang, "Happy Birthday".  He really liked that.    Later we are scheduled to have sno-cones.  Yummy!  I hope you have had a wonderful birthday Todd!  We love you and think you are really awesome!

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Sharla said...

Happy Birthday Todd :)