Thursday, July 1, 2010

Love Thy Neighbor

With Adam gone it is now my responsibility to handle trash duty. It's really not that big of a deal...I just freak out and panic all day Monday thinking I am going to forget to put the trash to the curb and we will be over run with garbage. This Monday, I was on high alert to get those cans to the curb since we will be gone for a month. I can't imagine the stench of our garbage being left on the side of the house for an entire month. Somehow, I forgot. I forgot until about 9:30 at night. It is dark outside and the rain has made it really hard to get the can moving. All of the sudden I feel a huge spider web and freak out. I run into the house begging Michelle to examine me and if there is a huge hairy spider on me not to tell me but somehow get it off me without me knowing. Make sense? After my thorough examination Michelle walks outside with me. It is now raining again. I turn on my headlights and we see the big spider and he is still in his web. I am having an anxiety/panic attic/hallucinations/etc. Michelle gets the spider. In my rampant exit from the spider web earlier, I knocked over the recycling can and trash is everywhere. Michelle thinks it would be best if we tried this again in the morning when we can see better and it is not raining. She promises me we will get up early and take care of it. Okay.

It really is my fault for thinking that my 18 year old sister would wake up early. Sophie, the dog, wakes me up at 8:30. The whole house is quiet and everyone is still sleeping. I run outside half asleep looking down the street to see if the trash truck has been here. I determine that sadly they have already come. I realize though that my neighbors across the street still have full cans. It is raining. I am standing there contemplating a strategy. I notice Mr. Neighbor doesn't have a can at the curb. I keep thinking...what if this...what if this illegal...what if I get caught...what would Mr. Neighbor think... I retreat back inside to ponder what I am going to do.

Thirty minutes later I get brave enough to put my plan in action. Wearing my red pajama pants and my red t-shirt (not trying to stand out like a sore thumb), I run outside and quickly take the can across the street to Mr. Neighbor's driveway. I run into the house and wait.

Peering through the glass of my front door, I watch as the trash truck pulls up and takes my can. Yay! Reagan senses my excitement and is now following me around. She of course is in her normal attire of panties only. Since it is really raining, I dig out Todd's Spider Man umbrella and head outside to retrieve our trash can before anyone notices. Reagan runs out the door crying towards me wanting to come too. The dog has also ran outside. So me in my red pajamas and Spider Man umbrella, Reagan in her panties only and the dog cross the street and bring the can back. It was like our very own parade all we needed was a band playing music.

I love my neighbor. I really hope he never finds out.

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Remodelaholic said...

Cindy this is hilarious! We have all done this!