Monday, April 12, 2010

Reagan turns three

My Reagan turned three on Monday. It is so amazing to me how fast time can fly by. I kept thinking she should be turning two. I love that I have a girl in the house. I love that Reagan loves to take care of her babies. She gathers up one of her many purses, a baby and her shopping cart and comes to wherever I am in the house and shows me her baby. Sometimes she even puts on a pair of her dress up shoes. When I hear the "clank, clank, clank" on the tile, I smile because I know she is wearing her pretty shoes. She loves to help me cook. She will come into the kitchen and motion that she wants up on the counter and she will stay the entire time I am cooking and help me. She will say, "please, please" when she wants to participate. She will help me load the dishwasher. She helps me unload the washer. She likes to slam the dryer door shut when we are done. She is hardworking and independent. She is STUBBORN! She loves to watch Max and Ruby. Her favorite food is basically junk food. Give Reagan a bag a chips and she is good to go. She loves chocolate! When we pick up Todd from school she runs up to him and gives him a great BIG hug. Todd is so sweet and hugs her right back. She follows Todd everywhere. I love my BEAUTIFUL Reagan! We are truly blessed to have her in our Family.

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Donelle said...

We love Reagan too! Happy birthday sweet girl!