Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reagan starts school

We have known for sometime that Reagan has fallen a little behind on her speech. She loves to talk to anyone and everyone. You just can't understand her. I finally contacted ECI (early childhood intervention) and they started coming to the house. They can only work with the children until they turn three. Luckily, our school district has a program called PALS. It is just for three and four year olds and it is just for children with speech delay. I cannot express to you how grateful I am for this wonderful program. It is only two days a week and for two hours a day but she loves it and I know it is worth it. Adam took her to get her back pack and the rest of her school supplies. Since our school district requires uniform you can imagine how hard it was to find shirts in her size. My mom was lucky enough to find some shirts at JCPenny in the boys section. She purchased the brightest colors they had and they work perfectly.
When I picked her up on her first day the teacher said you would never know that this was her first day because she did so well. She said Reagan is so smart. That made me feel so good because this has been a long road and not being able to communicate with each other you don't really know what your child understands and comprehends. She is slowly picking up more words and phrases every week. It has become such a big deal in our family. Every time Reagan says something new we all have to report it to each other. We are so excited for you Reagan and know you are on your way!


The Gee Six said...

She looks adorable in her bright orange shirt and matching bow!

I'm so glad it is all working out well for you guys!

partypooperspoyfair said...

She looks sooo cute! I love the matching bow! You guys will love Ms. Marge and Ms. Patty they are the best. Hayden went to Pals when he was 4 and still remembers them and how much he loved going to Pals.

Donelle said...

Such a cute girl and so excited for her to get to go to school. Way to go Reagan!

Kirchner Family said...

We love you Reagan! you are so beautiful - we know you will do well in school!