Wednesday, January 27, 2010

4 Months OLD!

I can't believe this little guy is already 4 months old. He is growing so fast! I have a nickname for him, "TINY". Layton is so cute. We love his cheeks and his contagious smiles. He is such a good baby! Everyone who meets him gets a big smile and sometimes he will tell you all about his day. He is getting really good at grabbing things. He has a few favorite toys. His favorite spot is on my hip with one hand firmly grasped in my hair and the other on my chest. I figure he knows his meals are right where he wants them. Todd and Reagan love him very much and want to hold him. Todd likes to talk baby talk to him and make him smile. I love that Todd and Reagan have a little brother to play with.

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nellsq said...

It is just crazy how fast time flies! He is a super little man with lots of personality and we miss him and his family lots!