Friday, October 16, 2009

My FAVORITE Place to Sleep

This is Layton's favorite place to sleep. Since the first night in the hospital this has been the spot.

It's five and I am trying to get dinner finished. Baby is in the background crying. Put baby on play mat. Baby cries. Put baby in swing. Baby cries. Put baby in bed. Baby cries. Mommy picks up baby. Baby falls fast asleep. It happens just like that!

I think he likes to sleep here because he is as close as he can get to breakfast, lunch and dinner.


nellsq said...

Yep, being close to breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack and in between snacks is high on the priority list for that little guy. Can you blame him??

Kirchner Family said...

Enjoy it! one day you will wake up and all your kids will be grown and the only baby fix you can get is stealing other peoples babies at church - I know - that is me stealing babies every week!

Rice Family said...

That sounds EXACTLY like Trent!! I'm getting pretty good at preparing dinner one-handed! Good luck!