Friday, October 2, 2009


Exhibit A ~ Our Couch

Exhibit B ~ The graffiti in question

Someone has written graffiti on our couch. We have some possible suspects and we all have our theories.
It appears the letters read: T - o - d - d.
We have not received the results from our handwriting expert yet to determine a 100% that these are in fact the letters in question.

Possible Theories:
  • Grandpa: Maybe Reagan is trying to frame Todd.
  • Grandma: Todd did it.
  • Mommy: Todd did it.
  • Daddy: Todd did it.
Since the remainder of the people in the household are minors we have decided not to publicly display their theories or comments.


Sharla said...

Wow, gotta love the kid artwork... I mean Graffiti on the house! Talmage has done it to his bed - the bed frame, but thankfully not on the couch yet!
Learning to write is a good thing... until it's all over the house!

Tink said...

Ha! I'm sorry for your couch, but that is so funny! I think every kid does that at some point, and it cracks me up that they're innocent enough to use their own name!

(My sister scratched her name with a straight pin on a new piano. My parents were NOT happy!)

Kirchner Family said...

Just think - he was practicing his name - maybe it was for homework?? By the way "happy late birthday"

J and C said...

I hope it isn't in too obvious a place! You may be able to get it out with goo-gone, but I would check in a hidden place first!

Good luck! I hope he lives to his 6th birthday!