Friday, August 21, 2009

A Killebrew Family Tradition with Pawpaw & Momo

It is tradition for every grandchild that turns five and ready for kindergarten to go shopping for school clothes with Momo. This year, Momo was too sick to go. So, Papa gladly stepped in to fulfill this family tradition.

Todd could not wait to play in the mall park and after every clothing pick he would ask if he could play now. The school district requires school uniform so choices were minimal. Papa would say, "Todd do you like this color?" We would find the right style and size and that was it. Papa would say, "Okay, what else do we need?" In between choices they would jab at each other and wrestle.

By the end of the third store I decided to drop the two of them off at the play area and shop by myself. It was best. They were happy.
We ended the trip with an ice cream sundae for Todd and cookies and soda for Tom and I.

Thank you Pawpaw and Momo for the cool clothes and shoes that Todd hasn't taken off since the day we got them. Papa claimed he could run faster in them and jump higher. We have had several test and I do believe he was right!


nellsq said...

Too bad Momo still wasn't feeling too well but hats off to Papa for stepping into that role!

Robin said...

How is sherry doing? What a cool tradition... I love it