Friday, October 17, 2008

October so far...

We have had such a wonderful start to the month of October. We had our birthdays. Adam came home with a cake from the store. He had bought candles for both of us. I asked him why I received a 24 and he said, from now on I am turning 24. Wasn't that sweet! Very sweet husband I have.

Next, we had FHE and invited the Quinns and Tom and Sherry (Adam's parents) over for a "family campout". We had trail burgers that were delicious. Sherry brought a dip tray with chips to graze over before the food was ready. Again, it was delicious. The Quinn's brought soda in the bottle, just perfect for the occasion. For dessert we had Smore bars that I burnt. Then, Michelle had to scrape off the top layer of marshmallow and do it again. It turned out perfect. The kids later did sparklers and Adam and Michelle set off a few big fireworks. Our neighbors enjoyed them as well.

Then, we had Wii night. The Sharps are looking to buy Wiis for their four sons and had never played. Donelle suggested we have a Wii night. All the kids went to the Quinn's house while Michelle graciously babysat them. (Except for Reagan and Trevor, who weren't feeling well) We had hot wings and french fries from Wing Stop (my favorite) and then Robin made the best chili, salsa, cornbread, and dessert. Pat won bowling. He also has one of the best Mii we have on record. Spencer Key is a close second.

It was a lot of fun! Thanks guys for coming!

Last night, we went to the BYU/TCU game. I wasn't sure who to root for. I sat in the TCU end zone with my BYU blanket. We decided we would cheer for both teams. It was so much fun to spend a night out with friends and of course, Michelle.
There were fireworks and balloons for the Breast Cancer Awareness celebration. We look forward to our Halloween party and trick or treating on Halloween.

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nellsq said...

I love the 24 and that is too sweet. Wow, October has been busy. Thanks for including the Quinn's. We'd be super bored without you! Such good times and good memories!