Monday, July 28, 2008

Gripe Session!

I have been in Anatomy and Physiology for three weeks now. This class has taken over my life. I can't sleep. I have to resort to sleeping pills just to fall asleep. I study at least 15 hours for a test. We have two test a week. We cover four chapters a week. When he gives us an "outline" of what our test will be over I immediately go home and begin to write out everything that has to do with the particular item. For this last test it covered the Axial Skeleton, Appendicular Skeleton and the Joints. I can name all the facial and cranial bones. I could tell you the classification of joints and so much more. I thought I am going to ace this test. WRONG! Before the test my professor said we would not have to know the names of the eight carpals in the hand. I knew of the scaphoid because that is the most commonly broken. There were at least 5 questions on the carpals. I missed those of course. The test was multiple choice or as I like to refer to them as multiple guess. Every question was worded to confuse you. He had four possible answers that all sounded alike in some way. I don't understand why he just doesn't ask us the question. Why does he have to make it so hard and try to trick us? I guarantee not one person in that room is going on to be a bone doctor or study joints. You walk out of every test thinking I should have studied more. I understand he wants us to know the information but why try and trick us? Just ask the question and I will give you the answers. No games!

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Sharla said...

Good gripe! I totally agree. I hate it when they are just trying to confuse you instead of wanting to see what you really know. Just have it fill in the blank and then you'll at least be able to give your answer. I hope you survive the rest of your class. It doesn't sound fun to me! Teachers can be such a pain sometimes.