Thursday, September 6, 2012

Layton Goes to Pre-School

In an attempt to help with my sanity, we enrolled Layton in the same Mother's Day out his siblings attended.  He is excited about going to school but not excited about mom leaving him.  Reagan and Todd have been so excited for Layton.  They ask him all about school and what he does.  Overall, it has been a great experience.  His teachers tell me he loves all the arts and crafts they get to do. 

Ready to go!  He was so excited!!
That lunch box was Todd's.
He loves all things Spiderman.

Spiderman shoes
He saw these on a commercial and was so excited. 
Since big brother had to get new school shoes, so did Layton.
In case you are wondering, these are Stride Rite.  I found his at Dillards.

Ready to go with his backpack.
Todd picked that out at a thrift store years ago when he was Layton's age.

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