Thursday, August 16, 2012

Downtown Disney

We arrived!  After driving non-stop for 19 hours, we pulled into my parent's driveway around 9:00 a.m.  The kids were ready to go!  The first place we went to was Downtown Disney.  We loved going through the shops, seeing the characters in the stores, listening and watching entertainment, and eating at the Earl of Sandwich. 

I think Grandpa and Grandma were as excited to show them everything as the kids were to see it.

Buzz is one of Layton's favorite characters

Matching hats!

Loving on Mickey and Minnie

Layton was so excited to ride the train.

Arrgh! Pirates

Reagan and Sleeping Beauty

Todd and the Lochness monster made from Legos.

A family made of Legos

Layton and his pals Woody and Buzz.
These guys were made out of Legos too.

A relaxing boat ride from one end of Downtown Disney to the other. 

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