Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Bikes.

We have been planning for awhile to get bikes for Reagan, Layton and Mom.  Well, on Tuesday we finally did it!  Adam had a Walmart giftcard and we went bike shopping.  Reagan found a pink unicorn bike she couldn't live without.  I love my new bike too.  (picture to come soon)  Adam mounted a seat on it so Layton can ride with me since he hasn't figured out how to pedal yet.

We love our new bike so much that we had to pose for "crazy sock day" on it. 

We sit on our bikes while watching tv.
Yes, my tv has lots of hand and fingerprints all over it.
Yes, those cords hanging down are an eyesore. 
Layton loves his new bike.  Absolutely NOONE is allowed to even sit on it. 

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Donelle said...

New bikes! Awesome!