Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Career Day

Todd's school had Career Day and offered all the parents the opportunity to come up there and share their career with their child's class or even to all the classes.  Adam agreed to do it.  He wasn't exactly happy about it but he knew Todd would love it.  I wasn't there to see his presentation so I pleaded with Adam to please take a picture.  Adam enlarged some photos from various aspects of his job to show the class.  He brought all his work gear and one lucky member of the class got to dress up in it.  Yes, Todd was the lucky student.  It's all in who you know!  After Adam finished he said he awkwardly said, "I have to take a picture for my wife", and snapped a picture. 

I love the look on his face!

He passed around a jar full of oil that he actually got from one of the wells they drilled.  It doesnt' smell very good at all.  It smells like paint thinner to me.  The kids thought it smelled awful.  Mrs. Perez said it didn't smell that bad to her.  She asked Adam what he thought it smelled like.  He replied, "Money!".   Adam said he had a great time and wished now he would have signed up to do more  classes.  Until next year...

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A Tale of Three said...

His sweet expression melts my heart. I love a little boy admiring his daddy.