Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Date Night with Todd

We decided that we really needed a date night with Todd.  Maybe, it was just me and Adam went along with it.  We told Todd throughout the day that he was going with us and that Reagan and Layton were staying home with the babysitter.  By the time the babysitter got here, he was whining about going.  Are you kidding me?  A night out with his parents ALL to himself!  I told him to get in the car, he was going.  By the end of the night he was really glad he went.  He had a great time and we really loved having Todd with us!

A special pink lemonade with sugar around the edge of the glass. I think this was his favorite part of  the  meal.

Todd and his very proud mom

Dad and Todd
After dinner we went to see this movie:;

It was really cute!  At first Adam asked me what was this we were seeing and gave me that skeptical look but by the middle of the movie he gave a thumbs up and said, "Good choice".  

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