Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We were sick. Really sick.

Layton was first.
Then me.
Then Reagan woke up sick Tuesday morning.
Todd was picked up from school Tuesday afternoon.
Adam is now sick. 

Adam's flight was delayed on Monday, twice.   I was too sick to go to the store to even buy diapers.  So, I called Tom.  Paw Paw came to the rescue.  He asked me to think of anything else I needed.  I asked him to pick up diapers, wipes, a package of hot dogs, and a box of Gogurt.  That should supply us for a day or two.  This is what he dropped off at my house. 

2 boxes of Kool-aid
2 boxes of Kool-aid singles
1 blueberry bunt cake
1 box of oatmeal pies
1 dozen sugar cookies
1 package of sweet bread
1 box of Oatmeal pies
1 bag of assorted mini candy bars
1 bag of fun size peanut m&ms
1 bag fun size plain m&ms
4 packages of hot dogs
3 boxes of Gogurt
1 box of diapers
1 package of wipes

Aren't Paw Paws awesome?!
Thanks Paw Paw!

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Sharla said...

awe! I'm glad you got help... so sorry to hear you guys have been sick! I wondered where Adam was for volleyball tues night ;). Hope everyone is getting over it!