Tuesday, October 18, 2011

At my house...

  • There is generally a stack of laundry folded and ready to be put away.
  • If Layton is up and the tv is on we are watching Max and Ruby.  He calls it "Ruby".  I would rather listen to this than most the other cartoons tv shows my kids would love to watch.
  • Reagan loves to have her nails painted.  I love painting her nails.  It makes me feel girly.
  • Reagan is also good at getting Layton to play dress up with her.  She pretends Layton is the dad.  They are so adorable. 
  • My kids can play together like a dream.  Just as I think to myself how great they are getting along somebody starts crying.  They instigator usually apologizes and they are back to playing.
  • Todd loves to create some kind of made up scene with his toys.  He is so creative and imaginative. 
  • I have become obsessed with Todd's Indiana Jones game on his DS.  We talk about the game like childhood friends. 
  • At any given time one of my children is walking around without pants. 
  • We love sports.
  • We love reading books.  I love the school book fairs it gives me the opportunity to get more books into the house. 
  • Sometimes Family Home Evening is a bust.
  • I like to give really long prayers when my kids are being rowdy.  I pray it helps.
  • Dinnertime is hard.  I dream of the nights we sit around the table and EVERYONE eats.
  • I iron my kids clothes for school.  I can't help it.
  • Our bathroom sink has toothpaste on it.  I wonder sometimes if they ever get in on their toothbrush. 
  • We eat pizza from CiCi's every other Friday.
  • My kids eat lots of hot dogs, string cheese, yogurt smoothies, apples and chips.
  • It can be clean for 5 minutes. 
  • I pray our home is a place of peace and refuge for my children. 


Sharla said...

Love it! So true... great list by the way! I love the long prayers, hard dinners, ironing kids school clothes - you must be crazy ;), cici's!, 5 minutes of clean!!!

I may be making my own list... thanks for keeping life real!
You are awesome!

Sophie&Rachel&Noah&Jakob said...

mmmm kids without pants... sounds like my kind of house