Monday, September 19, 2011

Mom Moments

It was Monday night.  I had finally layed all the kids down.  I was trying to get the house picked up, lunches made, folders checked and clothes ready.   I was tired and ready to sit down and have a little peace before I needed to go to bed.  I was at the kitchen sink when Reagan walked back into the livingroom from out of bed to tell me "something" else of great importance.  In her hand was a book.  "Mommy will you read me this story?My first instinct was to yell at her to get back to bed.  To my surprise a calming feeling instantly came over me.  I wrestled with myself for a short time.  I decided to read her the book.  We sat down on the couch.  She quickly asked to sit in my lap.  I read her the story.  We didn't have any interuptions from her little brother.  No phone calls.  No pressing matters.  Just Reagan and I alone in the quiet livingroom.  After I finished the book she gave me a hug and kiss and went to bed and didn't get up again that night.  I am grateful I felt impressed to read her that story.  I don't remember the book.  I do remember how it felt to sit in that quiet livingroom alone with my four year old Reagan.

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Sharla said...

That was so sweet to read. It's those moments where we can chose to be mad or take a moment with our kid. I don't always chose right. Thanks for sharing your story, it reminds me to stop and listen to those promptings! Keep up the great work mama... even when it is long and tiring!