Sunday, August 28, 2011

Todd's shoes.

I decided I would buy Todd's shoes online this year to keep me from having to shoe shop with him.  We went online.  He picked them out.  I ordered them a 1/2 size larger than his flip flops thinking that would last him a while.  They arrived a week later.  We tried them on and to my surprise they were tight.  Todd said they fit great.  Adam said they were fine.  So, we kept them.  The morning of the first day back to school finally arrives. Todd is upset because his new shoes are way TOO small.  Yep, there is no way he can wear them.  We can't even get them to fasten shut.  Luckily, I had bought him some slip on shoes.  They would have to do.  Friday, we went shopping at the actual store.  The shoes I ordered online were a 12 1/2.  The new shoes he wore out of the store were a 2!  Lessons learned: Never buy Todd's shoes on the Internet again and never listen to Todd or Adam regarding the fit of a shoe.  My family should have also learned a valuable lesson.  Mom is always right. 

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Sharla said...

Such a good lesson to learn... mom is always right ;)