Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet the Teacher Night

This year Todd wrote his own letter to his new teacher. 

I loaded up the kids and headed to Reagan's school first.  When she saw Ms. Jan she ran up and hugged her.  I was so bummed I forgot my camera in the car.  We were handed a packet of information for me to fill out and a school supply list.  We loaded back into the car and headed to Todd's school.  Todd proudly showed us the way to where the second grade classrooms were.  On the way we lost Reagan once.   Layton ran into the girls bathroom.  We ALL finally made our way to Todd's classroom.  We quickly dispersed the school supplies and found his desk.  Layton managed to climb up on the desk and run around at least three times while I filled out paperwork.  Todd is in for a change this year because they change classes for English/Reading or Math.  Todd's class will go to the classroom across from his for English and Reading.  He is very excited. 

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Donelle said...

I love that you have him write a letter to his teacher! Great idea.