Saturday, April 9, 2011

Iron Chef America

We went on another date night with our great friends Josh and Lisa.  They took us to The Lonsome Dove restaurant at the Stockyards.  To my surprise the chef and owner participated in Iron Chef America.  Not only did he participate, he beat Chef Morimoto.  That guy never looses.  The food was definately five star!  I ordered a fancy steak from a cow that is comparable to the Kobi beef from Japan.  This beef came from Austrailia.  Hands down, the best meal of all.  Everyone at the table agreed. 

The Appitizers
Don't ask what it is, just eat it.

After we left the restaurant with our bellies full, we headed down the road to the rodeo.  The weather was perfect that night too.  We were able to walk down in the stockyards and see all the sights.  FY I ~ The Rodeo will be held every Friday night for awhile if you interested in some family fun or date night ideas.  We can't wait to take Todd and Reagan. 

Me and My man snuggled up to watch the Rodeo

Before the Rodeo began.

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Donelle said...

we love the rodeo. Looks like a great date night!~