Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The girl can't help it!

Reagan can't help being absolutely adorable, spunky, fashionable, and beautiful.  She really can't.  Reagan turned four today.  I can't believe how big she is.  We started the day off with a donut.  Her request: pink with sprinkles.   Then we had to go to Walgreens to pick up her invitations to her birthday party next week.  The sweet ladies in the photo center gave her and Layton balloons in honor of her birthday. 

She wouldn't hold her balloon down so it would be in the picture.
It was purple.

Reagan then hand delivered all her invites.  She was so excited.  She rang the door bell at least six times before they answered.  I was absolutely not allowed to go up to the door with her.  She had to do it by herself.  She can't help being super independent either. 

I took her out to lunch for her birthday at Chilis.  The hostess commented on her birthday ribbon and asked her if it was her birthday.  She told the waitress.  Someone told the manager.  The manager gave her a free kids meal and a free molten cake.  See, she can't help being so darn cute.  Then, some sweet couple came up and asked her if today was her birthday and gave her $20.00. 

I took her to Wal*Mart to let her pick out something with her money.  Reagan really can't help being so adventurous.  She picked out roller blades.


Sharla said...

Wow, what an awesome girl! I wish someone would give me $20 for my b-day, maybe I need a ribbon ;).

Can't wait for the party!!

Todd & Kat Martin said...

She ROCKS! I support the roller blades decision... Sounds like an awesome day, way to go mom and Happy Birthday sweetie!