Wednesday, March 23, 2011

~ Happy Wednesday ~

My Happy List

1.  Accomplishing a task that has been on my 'to do" list for weeks.
2.  Listening to the kids playing together and laughing at Layton because he is just so adorable.
3.  Seeing beautiful flowers popping up everywhere.
4.  Kool-aid mustaches.
5.  Todd and I finished reading Treasure Island.  We are ready to watch the movie this weekend.
6.  Reagan "reading" her new princess books for an hour yesterday. 
7.  Laughing at funny shows with Adam.
8.  Todd's grades.
9.  Adam spending the entire day at Todd's school as a WatchDog Dad.  His favorite class to visit (besides Todd's) was the Kindergarten class.  Miss Moretti is awesome. 
10.  Layton survived his first day of nursery.  He did really well compared to Todd and Reagan experience.   

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