Thursday, February 3, 2011

Layton aka "Get down from there!" and aka "Get out of that!"


Layton has been experiencing one of those days.  He has climbed on everything.  He has put anything and everything in his mouth.  He choked pretty good a couple of times and scared me to death.  This went on ALL day.  He fell several times today climbing on stuff. 

Hold Please: He just grabbed someones cup of water and poured it all over the floor.  Now I get to change his clothes again. 

I am back.  Okay so, he fell and hit his head pretty good.  Then, later Todd was carrying him, tripped and Layton fell against the wall causing him to have a bloody nose.  That part wasn't Layton's fault but you can see the kind of day this poor kid has had. 

I gave him a bath to clean the poor kid up.  I decided to put him in his Pirate pajamas because he had just been such a Rebel today.

There he goes to see what damage can be done before bedtime!

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Donelle said...

Poor thing! Growing up is so hard sometimes. Maybe you should put him in a bubble!