Friday, January 14, 2011

The house was quiet.

Wednesday, after Reagan got out of school, we headed out to Melissa's house to work on a project.  We had been there twenty minutes when the phone rang.  The caller id showed that it was Todd's school calling.  It was the nurse stating that Todd was complaining of a stomach ache and wanted to go home. After much debate between me, Todd and the nurse I reluctantly decided I would come get him. After relaying the news to Melissa we knew this would be melt down city for Reagan and Emily.  Melissa was so kind to offer Reagan a sleepover.  Reagan told me bye and that was that.  We left. 

All afternoon and into the evening the house was so quiet.  You could really tell Todd was missing Reagan.  At one point he even said he wished Reagan was here.  I did too.  At 8:00, I texted Melissa and told her, "My house is so quiet."  She replied, "They are in bed watching the Little Mermaid."  She is never going to want to come home.  How do I compete with that? Reagan is so lucky to have lots of girl cousins.  She always gets spoiled by John and Michelle's girls too. 

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Donelle said...

That is so sweet that Todd missed Reagan. That won't always be the case:)