Saturday, October 16, 2010

Silly Bands

I knew with such a fad that I had to make sure and write this down. Silly bands are the new "it"'' thing at Blue Haze Elementary. Well, they have been ever since school started. I am just now getting around to blogging about it. I only have one question: Why are they "silly"? Todd came home daily from school with a new silly band someone had given him. I finally broke down and bought Todd some for making a 100 on his spelling test. Adam had no clue about them either. He kept asking Todd about his "silly strings".


Donelle said...

Ya, I still can't believe I spent hard earned money on those things. Not sure we even have any left. Haven't seen them for a while. And I'm with you on the name...I still don't get it:)

Rice Family said...

Silly bands are "THE THING" up here in Utah too. I haven't bought any yet (stocking stuffer, perhaps?), but the kids come home daily from school with new ones. I think it's a pretty funny fad, but then again I can remember "snap bracelets" from my school days.