Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Homestead Heritage

Only a few minutes north of the Baylor University museum was Homestead Heritage. After eating at McDonalds, we headed there to finish up our Waco trip. Homestead Heritage is a 510 acre homesteading community.

Our Traditional Crafts Village showcases a community of craftsmen who have returned, not to the past, but to the enduring values exemplified in handcraftsmanship. True craft requires more than skill: it expresses the craftsmen's care and concern, their personal investment in everything they do. You can visit the shops of our crafts village, watch our craftsmen work, even attend classes to learn craft skills and, in all this, experience with our craftsmen the joy and fulfillment of returning to craft, the art of work.

The Gristmill
Katie learning how to weave

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Donelle said...

That looks like a great place... wish we would have gone there. Will have to be on our next Texas visit!