Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I HATE Shopping with Kids

Last Saturday, I desperately needed to get a few sheets of scrapbook paper. I had the kids to myself since Adam was helping someone and was going to be gone most of the day. It was around four in the afternoon. I pumped myself up before going in. You can do this! All you have to get is a few sheets of paper. IN and OUT.

I get the paper and head to the check out line. They had these cute retractable measuring tapes on display. By the time I had realized it Todd and Reagan had lined up about ten of these. Pulling them out then pushing the button and watching them go back in. The line is long. I take the tapes away from the kids and tell them to stand by the cart. Layton starts to fuss. This is viscous cycle that goes on for about five grueling minutes. The two year old didn't want to quit touching EVERYTHING. I finally make it to the cashier. At this point Reagan has changed her strategy and has been playing on the shopping carts. Layton is really mad now because he is hungry. Now, if I would have been the cashier I would have tried to get me out of here ASAP. No, not her. She thought this would be the perfect time to put lotion on her hands and pull out her bottle of water. After the cashier takes her second swig of water, Reagan decides to leave the store. The lady starts to scan my four sheets of paper through. Todd decides to save Reagan. Reagan is screaming while Todd is dragging her back through the doors. Layton is crying. I pay the lady and try to get out as fast as I can.

Before leaving, I hear the cashier greet the next customer, "Hello, how are you today?" The lady responds, "I am glad my children are grown." To which the cashier replies, "I am glad I never had children."


Tink said...

Wow, you're a trooper. What you need is another adult! I'm always up for a trip to the craft store - call me next time! (:

The Gee Six said...

I HATE those measuring tape things. Every time we go to to the store, all my kids insist on playing with them. I think we've probably bought about 10 of them just to get the kids to be quiet!

And, next time you need 4 sheets of paper, call me! Your kids are welcome to come play here and you can go by yourself!

nellsq said...

OH how I wish I was there to watch your kidos so you can shop in peace! You are a good mom...they made it out alive:)

Kirchner Family said...

I might have gone off on them both about how wrong they are!