Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sunday ~ The Killebrew Christmas Party

Momo and Papa won't be here for Christmas because they will be on a cruise instead. So, we had our Christmas party early. We had the kids bring a movie to trade for each family. We got Monster & Aliens. I think we have seen it twice today! For the adults the theme was My Favorite Things. It turned out really well. Nobody guessed mine. It was Love Spell lotion and Grapelicous lip gloss from Victoria's Secret. Adam's was a no brainer. He brought a hunting magazine and some knives. All the grandkids got a Chia pet except for the babies. Peyton and Layton received teddy bears. Sorry kiddos, but you have to wait until Christmas to get the rest of your presents.

Again, there was so much wonderful food! We had tamales! I am so THANKFUL for family. Tom and Sherry were fortunate to have ALL of their children there with their families.

Tom and Sherry opening their gifts

Peyton trying to "love on" Layton

Peyton really wanted Layton's bear instead of his

Ethan, Justin and Owen holding their Chia pets

My Todd

Miss Reagan

Layton and his teddy bear

Anna and Peyton, Kirchners too

All the FAMILY gathered together


nellsq said...

Looks like a great family get-together. So glad you got to celebrate Christmas with Tom and Sherry early!

chrisandkatieclark said...

Looks like fun. The love the blue shirt on you Cindy by the way.