Thursday, December 24, 2009

Byrd Family Christmas Party

We celebrated Christmas with my family on Saturday. There was food, games, presents and a lot of laughs. And for an added Bonus, the Cowboys played the undefeated Saints and WON!

Grandma & Grandpa have arrived!

Mom explaining the guys gift.
~A subscription to Sports Illustrated~
My dad put in a disclosure that they are not responsible for any marital disputes pertaining to the Swim Suit Edition.

We are ready for presents!

Don't be shy camera man.

Happy to be HERE!

Dad sporting his NEW hat.

Charlie gets a GOLF game!

Emylie gets pjs.

Baylie with her Uno Attack.

Aunt Melissa and Layton.
Oh, those CHEEKS!

Baylie, Emylie, Todd, Adam & Lil Charlie

Mary Christmas!

Brooke trying to guess what her sign says.
Reagan waiting patiently for her beautiful doll.
Michelle's ugly lime green socks too.

Score! A POKEMON game!

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Kirchner Family said...

Merry Christmas! We miss you!