Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday~The Good, The Bad, The UGLY!

The Good ~ Reagan started a fever late Saturday afternoon. She was burning up all day and all night. Sunday night was no different. I was getting worried something else was going on. Monday morning she woke up with no fever and feeling much better.

The Bad ~ Between Layton and Reagan I basically had 2 to 4 hours of sleep Sunday night. I got up Monday morning feeling like a semi had run over me.

The UGLY ~ Todd's school is collecting food donations to make baskets for families that could use the extra help this Thanksgiving. I had originally thought to pick up a box of mashed potatoes. This isn't something I typically buy. Every time I have gone to the grocery store I have forgotten to pick something up. Last Saturday, I saw turkey gravy in the side isle and picked up two jars. I placed them in his backpack so we could finally get our donation to school. I received a phone call this morning around 8:30. Half asleep (because of the above), I answered the phone. Todd's teacher was on the other line and asked, "Have they called you yet?" Uhhhh, who? She starts to relay the story. Todd opened his backpack this morning to turn in his stuff and there was gravy EVERYWHERE. There was glass and gravy everywhere. It was on his library book we so diligently returned. It was on his folder. It was on his book that he brought from home. Wailing in tears she sends him to the office for help. She tells me they are going to throw away his backpack and get him another one. I am horrified. I say, "I guess it isn't very smart to send your five year old to school with glass jars filled with gravy". Feeling like I failed at Mother of the Year again I retreat back to bed. Does this kind of stuff only happen to me, SERIOUSLY? Sometime later when Reagan gets up I slowly start to remember the gravy story. Looking at my cell phone, sure enough it wasn't a dream. I picked up Todd from school wondering how upset he would be. Miss Morreti said they were able to salvage his backpack and the library book. He was excited about relaying the story to me and told me maybe we shouldn't put glass jars in his backpack again. He was most excited that he was able to go to the treasure box today. He picked out ROCKStar sunglasses. It looks like he won't be scarred for life.

I told Todd I wanted to take a picture of him and his backpack. This is his pose with NO help from me.


Kirchner Family said...

What a Ham! Doesn't look like there are any scars at all - I just wish I lived closer to help you out on days like this.

Tink said...

Yes, that definitely doesn't look like a scarred child. (: That is sooo something I could have done . . . especially with little sleep! Don't sweat it - it makes for a great story for him later on! (:

I'm glad Reagan is feeling better!

Sharla said...

Man, what a weekend! I'm glad that things are getting better! I'm sorry to hear about the backpack incident... but he seems to have recovered quite well! Just more fun mommy stories for later!