Saturday, October 24, 2009

The PUMPKIN patch

We decided to hit a different pumpkin patch this year. We also waited until it was the last Saturday before Halloween. Oh, how we try for our kids! It was CRAZY! Not to mention the traffic getting there and back was insane due to the air show. Todd had a good time. He was able to ride two rides in an hour. We rode the hayride ALL together. Reagan really liked that. Maybe next year we won't wait until everyone else decides to go.

An orange mustache perfect for Halloween

Todd swinging

Mommy and Reagan enjoying the hayride

Let's go there!

Layton enjoyed the hay ride too

Pumpkin sitting

All decked out in Halloween attire

Daddy and Todd enjoying the hayride

Train ride

Pumpkin sitting

1 comment:

nellsq said...

You are such good parents to go to all the effort. I am way to lazy for all that. I'm sure the kids appreciated it!