Monday, August 24, 2009

My Kindergarten Boy

My Handsome boy

Daddy and Todd

Walking into the classroom

My last Hug and Kiss

I can't believe the day has come and passed. I had so many emotions leading up to it. I was sad and excited. Bittersweet. They go to school ALL day and he has to get up super early. 7:40-2:40. They also are required to wear uniform. I was a bummed about that too. I felt that it would take away from the fun of getting ready for school. It would prevent people from knowing his two favorite shirts in the world are a red Pokemon shirt and a red Mario Brothers shirt. The first day of pick up was pure mayhem. I left the house twenty minutes early and that was NOT early enough. I was in tears by the time I got to him at 3:00. I was worried he was worried. I was worried he would think I wasn't coming. Not to mention the fact that it was 102 degrees outside. I was mad, sad, and hormonal. Pregnancy. I put on my smile and tried really hard not to break down when the teacher brought him over to the car door. I said, "HI TODD!!" He was smiling. The first thing he said within seconds was, "Mommy I had a GREAT day!" All emotional turmoil was forgotten.

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nellsq said...

HE is such a handsome kindergartener! He will Love his teacher and love school. What shall we do with all our free time?