Friday, June 12, 2009

Krispy Kreme

We set off to Krispy Kreme to gobble up some delicious sugary doughnuts. The kids really wanted to watch them make the doughnuts. When we got there the the weren't making any but right before we left they began to make some doughnut holes. They loved watching it! Between 6 kids and 2 adults we ended up ordering 18 doughnuts. We thought that a dozen would be MORE than enough. The little gobblers kept coming back for more. I have to say I was guilty of eating a fair portion. I can't trust my pregnant self to control the urge to eat more than ONE!

The leftovers


J and C said...

I would just be proud there were leftovers!

You are such a fun mom by the way, I love how much stuff you have planned for the kiddos! I hope that I can be as cool!

chrisandkatieclark said...

Thats awesome