Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Kenny Concert Parts 1 & 2


Donelle purchased Kenny Chesney tickets for her birthday and invited me to come along. She felt it was her duty to take me to my 1st official concert. She said the Trans-Siberian Orchestra didn't count. :( Sorry TSO. Isn't she the BEST! It had been raining all week and they said we only had a 35% chance of rain that night. Kenny was supposed to come out around 8:30. We (okay mostly Donelle)came super prepared. We had towels, umbrellas and then we stopped off at Wal*Mart to get ponchos. Away we went! After arriving we realized we were going to have to park a mile or so back. While walking we were so careful to not get our feet wet. Heaven forbid! Our seats were down on the floor! Lucky us! We made our way down and realized I couldn't see because of my vertical challenge. We made our way closer to the stage and stood in our seats.

Here we are dry and EXCITED!

He came out and the place went CRAZY! It started to sprinkle but nobody cared. The only problem was that it continued to sprinkle and pick up and up and up. By Kenny's sixth song it was POURING! Then, it started lighting. He tried my, how he tried to continue. Unfortunately, it was over. Only we just sat there thinking he would come back. Security came over to us and said that he was not coming back and to evacuate. As we were all leaving by the thousands, they come over the speaker and said he would have another concert. We stripped down to our skibbies and rode home wet, sad and amazed that this really happened.

Wet and in SHOCK


Kenny TIME! Perfect Weather

This time I wore flip flops and a hat because it was SUNNY! We made it there extra early and the line to get in was at least an hour long so we decided to walk over and get some Mexican food and soda before the concert. We sat up in the bleachers and the concert and WEATHER was perfect! Kenny took his boots off midway through the concert and said he was going to be here awhile. He sang for THREE hours!! The last hour & 1/2 he sang songs from other artist. They sang until they didn't know anymore songs to sing. I cannot thank Donelle enough for letting me come along not just once, but twice. It was so much FUN!

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