Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Todd's 5th Birthday Party!

We celebrated Todd's 5th birthday with his friends and family on Saturday at Papa and Momo's house. He asked for a Pokemon pool party. We made him a strawberry cake with colorful sprinkles. We decorated it with the Picachus I made and some strawberries. It was topped off with the #5. Thank you Aunt Michelle and daddy for making and decorating the cake!

I think Todd almost forgot it was his birthday/pool party until the presents came. Reagan had a great time hanging out with her big brother and playing by the POOL.


The Gee Six said...

The Pikachu's (is that how you spell it? I normally just call them "Pokemons", much to my kids' horror!) are awesome. Way creative! Adam had a total blast!

J and C said...

Wow, that pool is so beautiufl! How fun to have a great place for a party! Also, I just noticed that you have a name for the new bro! Yeah! How fun!