Saturday, May 9, 2009

All About Mom...

Todd came with a bundle of gifts for me on Thursday. He had the questionnaire that he had filled out on Tuesday. I was pretty excited to see what the answers were. He had made a clay hand print. I will treasure this FOREVER! There was also a precious card he had made me. I love that boy!

He are the answers to ALL ABOUT MOM...

My mom's name is Cindy

She has brown hair and brown eyes.

She is 6'9" feet tall and weighs 969 pounds.

She is 90: 90: 99 years old.

She loves to eat Chicken Spaghetti.

Her favorite thing to do is visit with my Aunt Michelle.

She smiles when I draw her a nice picture.

I love her because I'm so crazy!


Kirchner Family said...

That is too funny - what is up with him calling himself crazy?!

DurkFamily said...

My, my all your doings are just as crazy as mine. Loved the Dr story, sorry about the soup story, and mom day story was to funny-crazy what the kids think of their mom's!

J and C said...

Oh I love his answers to the questionairre. Where do they come up with them?

Love it!