Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break

We just finished a wonderful week of Spring Break. I loved every tired, cranky, sweaty, dirty, and fun moment.

Monday, we watched our friends' little ones so they could go to Six Flags. I was jealous but I really would not have been able to ride many rides anyways. Todd was my big helper. We had three almost two year olds for seven hours. It was great. We started with a long walk to the park and a long walk back from the park. We ate a lunch of corn dogs and Doritos. Then I knocked the little ones out one by one. I had them all asleep! Todd and I just hung out and rested.
Tuesday, we were up and out the door by 8:30. We went and picked up our friends, the Quinns and the Linfords, and headed to Waco. Alene and Melody rode with the rest of the Quinns in another car. We arrived at Baylor University and went through the a Children's museum. I highly recommend this place. We left there after a couple of hours and ate lunch at the Burger Barn. It was basically a little barn converted into a burger joint. The phrase "A whole in the wall" really comes to mind. Again, I would recommend this place. I am still craving those burgers. Don't worry I washed it all down with a diet Pepsi. (you have to cancel out some of those calories) We then, drove to the Cameron Park Zoo. It is a really small zoo which was perfect because I was about to be pushed in the stroller. I had not had that much exercise in months. It was a great day hanging out with new friends and our old ones.
Wednesday, we were supposed to meet my parents and my sister at the zoo. We quickly realized that we weren't going to fight the crowds. So, off to the Botanical Gardens we went. My mom and dad were only here for a couple of days visiting and the kids hadn't seen them since Christmas. We walked around the Botanical Gardens and showed off our favorite places. We then decided to go to Missile park by the Benbrook YMCA. It was crazy crowded also. The kids still enjoyed themselves. We were getting hungry and came to the conclusion that we should eat at Life's a Beach. If you have never been there, go! I packed lunches for my kids so they just played the whole time. It is so relaxing. We drove home and that night we went out with my parents to Babe's Chicken to celebrate their 31st Wedding Anniversary. Todd was so excited that Baylie stayed the night.
Thursday, Grandma and Grandpa took us to see Bedtime Stories at the dollar movies. For three adults and two kids it only cost them 7.50. Reagan played and had a great time. I wish I would have taken a picture of her dirty feet. They were black. Todd loved the movie. We drove home and I quickly dunked Reagan in the tub. My friend Shelly from Arizona was leaving to go home in an hour and was going to teach me some basics on Photoshop so I can start working on digital scrapbooking. She is amazing! I am so glad I got to visit with her again. It was great to finally meet Alene too!
Friday, I cleaned house and did tons of laundry. We hadn't been home all week and the house was really feeling neglected. I had to get a gift for my sister-in-law's baby shower. I drug the two kiddos with me. Crazy sums it up best. I couldn't find much at Target and so I decided to drive over to Baby's R Us. Again, CRAZY. I came home and looked at my loot and realized this is the most random gifts I have ever given anyone. I decided it is not to good to try and shop on a Friday during spring break after 5:00 with two kids pumped up with sugar and popcorn. (That was because of the target trip.)
Saturday, Adam and his dad rebuilt the outdoor part of the chimney. It was basically falling apart. It looks wonderful! I can't believe he finished it all in one day. He also threw moth balls in the attic to run out any critters. Now my house smells like moth balls. If you come over remember, you have been warned. I went to the baby shower and had a wonderful time. I rented Twilight for Adam to watch since he hadn't witnessed this major epic yet. I laughed and complained while he kept telling me to stop. After the movie was over, we discussed what we wished had happened.
Sunday, we actually made it to church on time! Adam made hamburgers and french fries for dinner. (made by his loving hands) My stomach is still full.
As you can see the Killebrews had a wonderful, fun filled week. Adam worked through most of it. We missed him being there with us. He was very loving about the whole thing. He was excited that the kids were able to do fun things and enjoy themselves. We are so grateful for friends and family!


The Gee Six said...

Wow, I got tired just reading that! It sounds like you guys had a great week!

Kirchner Family said...

The pictures of spring break are so cute - I bet you are worn out!

Sharla said...

Seriously - did you get a break from all that Spring Break!? Crazy fun times! Glad you got to enjoy the time.