Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A day in the LIFE ~ Part 2

Everyday we try to venture out before noon to ensure that Reagan gets to lay down by then for her nap. No outing would be complete without a stop at Sonic. It's pretty sad when the carhop knows you and then says, "See you tomorrow". I'm contributing to the economy, right?

Mondays are generally house cleaning day because I did absolutely nothing all weekend. Today I did all the bedding. Here is Todd protesting the washing of his blanket.
It is one thing to finally get it in the washer but another convincing him that it needs to be dried.

At the end of the day my patience is worn and I am ready for peace. No day is ever the same which makes for an interesting life, right? I am truly blessed to have such a life! Life goes by so fast. Someday I will look back at these pictures and truly miss it.


nellsq said...

I hear you about washing the blanket thing...I always have to sneak them in the wash and hope they don't notice. Sonic is just the best! Thanks for thinking of me and bringing me one on most of those days when I can't get there myself! That's a true friend!!

randivon said...

Isn't reality fun?! I love the hair picture. As much as I wish my girls had curly hair, this is the one part I do not miss. But, Reagan's hair is so cute when it is all done up!

chrisandkatieclark said...

got to love sonic