Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oh, Crap!

I am always trying to be so careful with everything I say around my kids and other kids so that if they were to repeat something I said it wouldn't be an embarrassing moment. Well, today after I dropped my sister Michelle off at the snow cone stand to work Todd said, "Oh, crap mommy Michelle has to work". After Michelle and I nearly died I quickly composed myself so he wouldn't see me laugh. I explained we don't say that word. He did the usual why and I had to explain that it is not a nice word. Blah blah blah. Earlier he had told me I had lost it. Isn't that nice. You see I tell him that I am about to loose it and he better behave himself or else. Today, I guess he thought I had reached that point. The only thing I can see remotely positive about the whole situation is that he used the right tense of the verb. :)


Sharla said...

What a great story! Kids pick up on the littlest things. Instead of saying I'm going to loose it I tell Sandra she drives me crazy. We also have a crazy war where we call each other crazy and then "no, you're crazier". I figure it helps relieve some of that stress of motherhood without being too bad of an example :).

Shelley said...

LOL! So cute! I often hear Carson saying things I say. I've had to change my "Oh Crap" to "Oh Man!" and I've tried cutting out "Oh my heck" all together. (Yes, I'm from UT) :)