Friday, May 16, 2008

The Month of Todd

This is the month of Todd. He was born on the 26th of May almost 4 years ago. He came into this world around 10:50 pm. Through hours upon hours of labor then three hours of pushing, he appeared. I remember my first thought at seeing him lying there in his little incubator was that he had a big nose. I found out a little later that his nose was swollen from labor. He quickly won my heart and his been a blessing ever since. We love watching movies together. He loves being with daddy doing anything. He loves school and all his friends there. When we arrive to school all the little kids say, "Todd you are here!" It is so sweet. He loves hot dogs, yogurt, snow cones and pink milk. He has an awesome imagination and I love to listen to him play. He will actually play with Reagan and she loves that.


Sharla said...

Since the Father 'n sons campout my boys keep talking about Todd. Kids are great how easily they make new friends! Happy Birthday Todd!

Carie Ann Wall said...

Ok, so when are we going to celebrate? He's getting so big! To me, in my head he is years younger than Justin, but I saw him at MoMo's house on Mothers Day and he really is getting to be such a big boy!

Bobby said...

My name is Bob Killebrew and I'm 80 years old and have been researching the Killebrew family in America for over 20 years and have over 16,ooo Killebrew's and kin in my files -- If you wish I will try and trace your ancestry back to England. Every Killebrew family I have researched all come from a William Killegrew/Killebrew from Cornwald England. I loved reading about your family -- if I can help researching your family just let me know -- this has been a great hobby for me to keep busy.