Monday, March 17, 2008

All Because Two People Fell In Love...

That's my parents. Their 30th Wedding Anniversary is the 18th of March. I decided to list the reasons why I am grateful they are my parents!

They had me! (of course) Apparently, I was a handful! Some of you looked shocked! I am thankful they decided to keep me around long enough to see how I turned out.

My dad was in the military. At the time I was little and there wasn't anything glorious about it. Today, I can look back and I am grateful we were able to travel and live in different places. All six of us kids were born in different places and in Katie's case, a different country.

They had lots of kids. Again, at the time this wasn't as much fun being one of the oldest but now I really appreciate it. We are each unique and have something different to offer.

They love the holidays. Every year they celebrate and decorate for the holidays. (dad gets roped into it) They made them special. Now I try to do the same for my children.

They let us eat junk food and drink soda. Don't really know what to comment about that except that I am glad they did.

They always made a big deal out of whatever we were interested in. They tried to make it to each and every school function they could. They still make it a priority for Michelle and now their grandchildren.

They love their grandchildren. My kids love Grandma and Grandpa. Todd cried all day yesterday wanting to go to Grandma's house. It's probably the junk food and soda. :)

They laugh a lot. It's especially great to watch my dad laugh because his belly shakes.

They love football. We are a football loving people. My mom gets fired up the most and dad has to calm her down. Great times!

They love watching TV and movies. Great moments in the Byrd household have bee sitting around together watching a TV show or a great movie. My mom peaked my interest in classic movies. I appreciate old movies because of that. I cannot tell you how many times we have watched The Christmas Story. (You'll shoot your eye out!)

They are always there to listen to our problems and try to help out if they can. My dad basically listened to me cry through my years of college and helped me pass Calculus, C++ and Pascal. I kept telling him I am just not smart enough. Somehow, I made it through.

They are crafty and handy. Anytime something broke dad fixed it. It may not have looked the best when he was done but it worked. My mom sewed a lot and still does. She made Halloween costumes for us. My Rainbow Bright costume was awesome. She made my friend Suzanne's and my eighth grade graduation dress. They even had off the shoulder sleeves which were all the rage. :) She has made numerous quilts, bridesmaid's dresses, and clothes for people.

They taught us that marriage isn't easy and requires sacrifice and patience. :)


Barbee said...

Oh Cindy, this made me cry. You have so much love for your parents.
They kept you because you blessed them. You cotinue to bless them each and every day.

luvmykids said...

Thanks Aunt Barb! It was fun to write!